20 Most Promising Government Technology Solutions - 2016

The government sector, today, stands at an inflection point—a sheer paradigm shift—in the era of advanced computing. Given the purchasing and standards-setting supremacy of government, the industry is evolving as a leader, not a laggard, in the pursuit of digital transformation. Government organizations are heeding the transformation in cognitive technology, leveraging advanced capabilities, new business models, and the deluge of data for building robust and efficient public infrastructure. In addition, the sector is also jumping on the high-technology bandwagon embracing innovative gizmos and ideas to ensure security and safety in communities, and to accelerate sustainable economic growth.

Top Government Companies

Provides pure Cybersecurity services and risk-based solutions for growing companies

A firm that guides technology strategy, planning, design, selection, and implementation

Drone Aviation combines engineering, human factors-based design, software, and safety systems to provide reliable, easy to deploy systems for the UAS industry

Mobile technology company specializing in enterprise business applications and payments for the public and private sector

Provides Information Technology (IT) Support Services, Management Consulting, and Healthcare focused services to government agencies


Provides a platform of cloud-based productivity and civic engagement solutions to governments of all sizes worldwide.

ACTIVE Network

Offers actionable business intelligence through data solutions and insights platform


An enterprise application platform that accelerates government app development


Provides industry-focused mission critical enterprise software solutions.


Provides solutions to streamline and automate the workflow of the State, Provincial and Metro government departments


Provides solutions for scalable web content extraction to the governments, necessary to make rapid, intelligent decisions based on facts


Provides innovative technology and data solutions to the government that reduce risk and achieve strategic and tactical awareness

Intelex Technologies

Develops and implements software solutions for health and safety compliance and risk management, to support government organizations around the world


Develops workflow and case management solutions for the state and local governments to improve public service delivery and cut administrative overhead

Newgen Software

Offers process automation solutions to the government for reducing manual hand-offs apart from realizing a paperless office

OnBase by Hyland

Provides financial and administrative solutions to keep vital government functions moving forward while saving staff time and reducing the costs


Provides a low code platform for citizen development to support the development of secure, customized and scalable cloud applications

Tyler Technologies

Provides integrated software and technology services to the public sector like ERP, Planning, Regulatory and Maintenance


Provides flexible and scalable enterprise applications to public services customers, worldwide


Provides cloud-based solutions to manage the complexities of the state and local governments' reporting