Vitalyst: Guiding IT Users towards More Productive Ways of Working

Nick Wilkinson, CEO
For his soccer team, Nick Wilkinson is a successful player/coach. He seamlessly blends the role of being a strategic expert who is well versed with marshalling his resources, with getting on the field to make a direct contribution to results of the team. It is the same tenacity and management skills that drive his company, Vitalyst—the ‘vital catalysts’ whose application expertise drives productivity for organizations. Headquartered in Bala Cynwyd, PA, the company helps business users and government organizations to get more from their investments in technology by ensuring that their employees operate at peak performance with the productivity tools and applications they use daily.

Wilkinson feels that technology innovation cycles encompassing software migrations, new device deployments, mobility initiatives and BYOD programs create challenges for business users and support organizations. To address these challenges, Vitalyst brings expert ready resources to expand client support capacity and depth. In partnership with the internal support organization, Vitalyst helps clients to deliver an exceptional business user experience through high-caliber, individualized support. “Through all the different phases or cycles of technology adoption over the past couple of decades, Vitalyst has been providing support to end users, giving them the best possible experience with their applications,” affirms Nick Wilkinson, CEO, Vitalyst. “We provide what we call ‘Productivity Consultants’—our people who help the end users,” he adds. These professionals look to understand the client’s needs and give practical insights and solutions that help solve the biggest technology issues affecting productivity.

Vitalyst focuses on migration, adoption and end user proficiency around the cloud and for SaaS products from Microsoft, Salesforce and other leading providers, offering a full spectrum of support in these endeavors. “We combine traditional training techniques with on-site or on-premise training, plus provide unique firm based ‘how-to’ support capabilities to our clients,” notes Wilkinson. Our capabilities enable smoother migrations, higher levels of adoption and satisfaction, and a more productive workplace where IT departments realize the full potential of their technology investments. For instance, consider the case involving a large federal government agency.
The client was planning a transition of 60,000 users to Microsoft Office 365 over a condensed time frame. The agency lacked both the expertise in Office 365 and call center capacities required to ensure a smooth transition. Vitalyst stepped in. Vitalyst was able to predict the potential call volumes and the types of issues that would be brought up during this transition. The company worked with the client and prepared their end users by providing training and self-help solutions. As the project rolled out, Vitalyst helped users with their initial queries and has remained engaged to help them with ongoing steady state services. “This has been an extremely satisfying engagement for all of the stake holders,” reveals Wilkinson.

Being a Microsoft Gold Competency Partner with over 20 years of experience, Vitalyst has supported over 1.6 million business users and 1000+ migrations. The company is also the only provider of live business user support and training services included on Microsoft Preferred Service Providers list. Vitalyst’s unmatched experience in supporting large Microsoft migrations and direct service integration with internal support environment is the USP of the firm.
Moving ahead, the company aims to continue its focus on the end user experience. “We will continue to provide our on-demand approach, plus offer the scalability and immediate access to expertise that we pride ourselves on,” affirms Wilkinson. “We see the government business as a source of opportunity and potential growth, and plan to increase our footprints by offering a wider range of solutions,” he concludes.

Our capabilities enable smoother migrations, higher levels of adoption and satisfaction, and a more productive workplace where IT departments realize the full potential of their technology investments


Bala Cynwyd, PA

Nick Wilkinson, CEO

Vitalyst provides unmatched application expertise and customer service, driving return on technology investment through increased end-user proficiency and productivity