NETE Federal Services: A Strategic Consultant for Federal Healthcare and Biomedical Research Agencie

In the world today, business is a ubiquitous facet that demands cultivation. The commercial sector relies on business practices to flourish and the government relies on the variables of business to work efficiently. Since 1999, NET ESOLUTIONS provides strategic management consulting, advisory services, business systems development and integration and technology solutions, and managed outsourcing services to federal government agencies and global healthcare and biomedical research institutions. We collaboratively help our clients achieve results by identifying mission critical issues and implementing innovative and customized solutions that achieve create value and desired business results - productivity, speed, technology and relationships, catering to clientele such as the Department of Health and Human Services and the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The company currently place most of their emphasis on biomedical research support, information and grants management data systems, business intelligence and analytics, web development, Federal CIO advisory management consulting, IT capital management and investment control, and enterprise architecture planning and management processes.

NETE Federal Services offers numerous options for the aforementionedFederal CIO advisory management consulting and IT investment management and capital planning andinvestment control. These advisory services and plans include options for reviews on investment monitoring, investment control, implementation and a detailed analysis of operational performance. Furthermore, they offer planning for segment, enterprise, solution, and enterprise architecture. As the federal government needs to preserve its standard of technological security, NETE Federal Services’ information assurance support includes systems security planning, vulnerability and risk assessments, information systems security auditing, Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) compliance and more. They also assist government agencies commercially by aiding in budgeting and activity-based performance analysis, allowing clientele to operate at maximum potential.

Along with enterprise program and performance management, NETE Federal Services specializes in web and business applications development especially in supporting the healthcare and biomedical research verticals. This includes services such as strategic planning, architecture blueprinting, information and technology architecture in general, and even design and software development. Naturally, all of NETE’s products and services fall in line with federal statutes and regulations. The company prides itself on the fact that its solutions support its client agencies mission on a daily basis, meaning they give their customers the best possible support services on managing their IT and business assets.

Aside from establishing itself as an important IT asset and major business entity, NETE also offers a few creative solutions to its clients as well. They help develop presentations that reach different audiences more effectively and even possess the ability to devise information websites, portals and data visualization solutions. NETE can assist in the development of Federal mobile applications. On the more technical side of their trade, the company looks out for its clients with system engineering support, process planning and implementation support, project management support, and general systems support. The companyalso offers specialized solutions such as custom medical imaging solutions, web content management systems and enterprise resource planning solutions. NETE supports clients globally and has contract support staff supporting Federal agencies across the United States, Africa and Asia.

With its strong reputation, NETE Federal Services has served several Federal agencies. NETE Founder and President Jolly Vasani alone has worked in IT business analysis and quality assurance for the likes of AOL (America Online), National Car Rental and Citibank. This 14 year old company is led by Big 5 management consultants as well. The company’s motto is - “hard work leads to more work”. With companies like NETE Federal Services, it’s easy to see how the government preserves America’s golden standard of implementing large complex programs effectively and efficiency.

NETE Federal Services

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