iDirect Government Technologies: Provides Military And Government Agencies With Secure Satellite Co

CIO Vendor The government and military of any country need instantly deployable, secure, high-speed communications networks that can deliver immediate access to mission-critical applications. Naval vessels scattered across the seas and aircraft throughout the skies need reliable ship-to-shore and air-to-land communications as well as secure ground-based communications. Life-saving and situational awareness information is needed at a moment's notice. Today, satellite IP communications represents a powerful solution to deliver high-speed, two-way IP connectivity in any environment as they overcome distance and environmental challenges through an integrated network. iDirect Government Technologies (iGT) provides secure IP communications technology that enables constant connectivity for voice, video and data applications in diverse and challenging environments. Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Herndon, Virginia, iGT brings innovation, integration and intelligence to satellite-based IP communications that government and military organizations trust. "iGT's secure satellite-based voice, video and data applications with anytime and anywhere connectivity in the air, at sea and on land have made a difference in force protection, logistics, situational awareness, disaster recovery and emergency response," says John Ratigan, President of iGT. iGT has been there from the beginning of the IP satellite data market. The firm offers satellite-based IP communications products which include universal satellite hubs, satellite remote routers, network accelerators, optimization solutions, and a network management system.

"iGT provides secure satellite-based voice, video and data applications with anytime and anywhere connectivity in the air, at sea"

Its satellite IP solutions are used for critical communications, ranging from force protection, logistics and situational awareness to disaster recovery and emergency response. From global logistics and disaster recovery to mobile communications, iGT provides satellite networks that play a critical role in government and defense communications. The company is driven by its commitment to provide satellite communications solutions, products and services to government and military customers. It is singularly focused on providing the best products, services and operations both domestically in the United States and internationally. iGT has rapidly become the technology provider for mission-critical applications by providing the most bandwidth-efficient, scalable and highly secure satcom platform. Its hubs, routers and network management software are designed to address the growing complexity of deploying and managing global IP networks.

iGT serves the diverse and specialized needs of the Department of Defense (DoD) and civilian government agencies. Building on more than 15 years of global satellite communications experience, iGT provides the most bandwidth-efficient, scalable and highly secure platform to meet specialized applications of multiple federal, state and local government agencies, including the Department of Defense. Under Ratigan's leadership, the group has prospered tremendously and has become the de facto satellite technology standard for the U.S. military. It also deployed thousands of terminals in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, as well as many additional federal, state and local government networks. Going forward, iGT continues to provide best-in-class satellite and IP communications to the government and military agencies. The company makes sure to work with the best suppliers and service providers in the industry. “The service provider partners and customers of iGT know and trust the iGT name and rely on its technology to optimize the networks and profitably grow their businesses,” adds Ratigan.

iDirect Government Technologies

A satellite communications vendor offering IP communications technology for constant connectivity for voice, video and data applications in challenging defense and government agency environments.