Electronic Knowledge Interchange: Modernizing Business & Technology Processes

CIO Vendor Electronic Knowledge Interchange (EKI) is an application and technology consultant focused on modernizing business processes. Operating since 1996, EKI specializes in designing, building and managing applications and business infrastructures for large public and private sector organizations. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, EKI partners with value-minded executives to optimize business, information and technology yielding high-impact results.

EKI is known for the impressive experience and knowledge of their consulting experts who respond to business challenges with systems and tools that make businesses more efficient, intelligent and innovative. Many of the world’s most sophisticated and demanding companies have made EKI their trusted business advisor and partner in building technology-enabled solutions. “We strive to be an employer of choice — a company where the most accomplished technologists and business professionals in the industry want to work and where clients are certain they will be supported by the very best talent,” says Robert Blackwell Jr., CEO of EKI. “We help our clients strategically align their processes and modernize their work through advance technology applications.” EKI is committed to measurably advancing business goals and capabilities of client companies through technology. The company specializes in multiple application areas including—IT Strategy, Business Process Transformation, Portals and Intranets. EKI focuses on both business and technology related enterprise architecture, with a variety of applications in the compliance and work load space. The company offers three key solutions namely; Process Modernization, Application Solution Center (ASC) and SharePoint services. Under Process Modernization, EKI reconstructs business processes and applies technology to make manual, paper heavy processes,

"We strive to be employer of our choice"

digital and more automated resulting in extreme cost savings and efficiencies. For their Application Solution Center, EKI deploys fixed teams for their clients to continually design, develop and support business critical applications. As for EKI’s SharePoint services, they are a trusted Microsoft partner, performing SharePoint implementations, migrations from legacy systems, version upgrades, and optimization of enterprise-wide SharePoint environments. EKI enables more collaborative, efficient organizations through these solutions, ensuring complete technology integration, more streamlined workflows and increased security. The key aspect setting EKI apart from competitors is their vast business knowledge and application of modern technologies on traditional business architecture-which helps to bring forth a positive change to the overall business infrastructure without disrupting current systems. EKI works primarily with healthcare, retail, energy, government, insurance and manufacturing companies. EKI’s true area of expertise is creating paperless operations throughout organizations. Blackwell believes that usage of paper to store large amounts of data leads to massive inefficiencies and hinders smart decision making. EKI helped the CEO of Chicago Park District make their entire sector paperless. This was done through cataloging every process involved, prioritizing those processes that needed to be modernized, and finally applying the right technology which led to eradication of paper in the Chicago Park District. “By combining our business and technology expertise, we were able to analyze current processes and create a roadmap to a paperless solution. Our delivery services are offered at about a 30 percent lower cost than our competitors, and resulting operational improvements make it much easier for our clients to obtain information for better decision making without forcing hefty paperwork onto their employees,” explains Blackwell. Going forward, EKI continues to adapt to changes within the marketplace by constantly adding cutting-edge capabilities to their portfolio such as cloud-based and mobile technologies, while continuing their focus on designing suitable applications that deliver maximum value to their clients.

Electronic Knowledge Interchange

A modernized business processing, application and technology consultant.