Appian: A Modern Work Platform For Business Process Management

CIO Vendor The latest mobile and social technologies are changing customer expectations in terms of their efficiency,accessibility and services rendered. Meeting these challenges requires modernizing business processes, so anyone, anywhere can get the information they need to take the right business action on any device. Appian, the market leader in Business Process Management, provides a modern application platform to drive better business decisions, actions, and results. Through a simple social interface, all the data, processes and collaborations can be handled in a single environment, on any device. The company was founded by Matt Calkins, CEO and is headquartered in Reston, Virginia.

Appian delivers a unique work platform and, by combining their proven expertise, they strive to improve their processes with industry-leading innovations in social collaboration,enterprise mobility and portable on-premise/cloud computing. Available through web and mobile interfaces, the Appian BPM Suite is the easiest way to manage business processes, work automations, and social collaboration across the enterprise for employees, customers, and systems. End users who deploy the BPM Suite experience mobile access, news and alerts, reports and analytics, social collaboration and dynamic case management.

Appian’s functional solutions include mobile site inspections,financial operations,sales and marketing,operational efficiency,customer service, risk compliance and shared services.Their online forums, blogs and communities facilitate collaboration and knowledge-sharing among customers and partners,and offers one-click access to hundreds of application templates and components. With more than 3.5 million users around the globe, Appian has a vibrant and growing community of customers

and partners across multiple industries and geographies.

Commercial and government organizations around the globe trust Appian with their mission-critical processes. Customers such as Amazon, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, U.S. Dept. of Education and the U.S. Army rely on Appian BPM to help them reach new levels of customer satisfaction, operational excellence and business agility. Appian is committed to delivering the best customer experience to its clients – through innovative technology and outstanding service.

For example, Bank of Tennessee wanted to enhance their inside processes to achieve superior speed and customer responsiveness. The Bank’s Senior Operational Officer, Will Barrett believed BPM-based process improvement was the place to start, but he also wanted to create a more mobile and collaborative enterprise social environment. “When we saw Appian, it was a match made in Heaven. Appian brings social collaboration into a business process-centric context,” says Barrett. Barrett’s team began building the new Mortgage Loan Origination application using Appian Cloud. This allowed the team to jump-start development even as it waited for the provisioning of on-premise hardware. With Appian’s unique Portable Cloud architecture, the team was able to move the entire cloud application behind the system’s firewall for deployment. Making all of that power available on an iPad/iPhone, Android or BlackBerry means Bank of Tennessee’s loan officers can interact with customers to initiate, check on, or modify a loan request from anywhere. Appian provided an enterprise social environment that is tied to the bank’s processes and directly impacts efficiency. “We have accelerated loan approvals by 30 percent, which has a direct impact on the customer experience,” Barret added.

Going forward, Appian continues to enable their BPM Suite for mobile and social capabilities which will give way to new possibilities on the ways to work and interact with business partners and ultimately serve their clients better.


Appian Corporation is a supplier of modern Business Process Management platform

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