ClientFirst Technology Consulting: A Beckon Of Light For Prime Technology Solutions

David Krout, Managing Partner
Today, many Information Technology (IT) companies make the same mistakes, especially when it comes to consulting-oriented projects. Their knowledge of new technology is limited, and they use generalized IT specialists who may be well-rounded, but lack the over-all technical strength. That is why many local governments rely on ClientFirst, a consultant and IT services firm, headquartered in Corona, California with offices in Illinois and North Carolina, and specializes in a wide breadth of IT disciplines.

“When dealing with IT companies, it’s easy to become lost in the jargon of the field, but ClientFirst takes a practical, business management perspective. The company not only helps their clients understand, but works with them extensively to determine the strengths and weaknesses of their infrastructure and applications and what they need for success,” observes David Krout, Managing Partner of ClientFirst. The company itself is almost exclusively local government, offering consulting in all aspects of IT Infrastructure, IT Support, IT Master Planning, ERP applications and Telecommunications. In order to preserve an unbiased stance that measures the quality of various technologies, ClientFirst refrains from reselling hardware and software. This independence allows them to give unbiased recommendations for different environments and situations.

A lot of ClientFirst’s services aim for the betterment of local communities. Their major software consulting service can bolster community development, utility billing and work management in particular. They also offer consulting on application management best practices and IT department turnarounds. For more hands-on assistance, clients have supplemental and outsourcing support to choose from. ClientFirst’s telecommunications consulting designs phone systems, communications infrastructure and provides carrier contract negotiations.
The company provides much of its consulting through local government agencies and strives to educate its clients as well as aid them in the implementation of comprehensive IT Master Plans they help develop.

Understanding the scope of ClientFirst’s services is best done through looking at their work. When commissioned by the city of Redlands, California to form an IT plan, ClientFirst did an assessment of each city department’s information technology needs, evaluating application needs, policies and procedures, staffing structure, use of productivity tools and more. Based on the needs of Redlands’ infrastructure and applications, they formed a comprehensive 5 year plan and educated the city council, providing additional systems engineering capabilities and even redesigned their new data center and network. “ClientFirst is not a company that does product sales, but rather offers independent consulting services like those in Redlands that stick closely to retaining the best components of an environment and improving the rest. Combined with the multitude of IT disciplines working under ClientFirst, each client gets advice from subject matter experts who are best trained in each specific field,” explains Krout.

ClientFirst holds a list of illustrious clients in Illinois’ Elgin School District U46; Laguna Nigel, CA; Lincolnwood, IL; Castaic Lake Water Agency, CA; and City of Bloomington, IL. With a reputable system of client care that it prides itself on, ClientFirst is an up and coming company with a future of promise and prosperity ahead of it as they aim to increase their regional IT support services in California and Illinois, as well as national presence in IT planning, software selection and telecommunications consulting. The company looks for people who have a passion, as its employees share a common desire to make a positive difference in various communities rather than simply make a profit. While they currently have 35 professionals, ClientFirst is expecting to boost their head count to 50 by next year.

ClientFirst Technology Consulting

Corona, CA

David Krout, Managing Partner

ClientFirst’s services aim for the betterment of local communities and government operations