ProSource360 Consulting Services Inc. (ProSource360): Advancing the Infrastructure of Government IT Services

Ben Skyles, CEO
For decades within the business arena, technology has been the fuel powering innovative products and services. However, the public sector has been slow to adopt critical, transformative technology in a way that has lasting impact. Government agencies are predominately handcuffed to old processes and procedures that make getting things done in an efficient way a challenge. Some solution providers have set out to change that.

ProSource360, a Washington, D.C.- based technology firm, provides a bevy of IT services directly to the companies in the public sector. “Government agencies do quite a bit of work that may not necessarily align well with the overall agency mission. We offer a clear line of sight that matches up the work being done with intended outcomes,” says Ben Skyles, CEO, ProSource360. By understanding this common pitfall among public agencies, ProSource360 can deliver more efficient processes that promote effective business of the government.

ProSource360 works in three critical areas of the government—information technology, management consulting, and healthcare project management. In each area, ProSource360 strives to apply agile methodology to individual projects, by infusing expert design, development, and strategic implementation. Skyles states, “There has to be frequent and consistent communication from the agency to project partners, as well as feedback during the project. We bring continuous engagement to the process by finding what’s lacking, coming up with a viable solution, and moving forward from there.”

The information technology services made available through the company mainly focus on analyzing alternatives to current infrastructure within agencies, helping clients determine if integrating current investments in technology is the best recourse or if better solutions are available. Similarly, in management consulting, ProSource360 offers end-to-end project management services they work directly with agencies to put in place the strategies that enable cross-department collaboration and success. ProSource360’s healthcare services focus on protection from cyber threats and vulnerability that has significantly increased in recent years. Throughout each service area, ProSource360 offers the ability to be more efficient, not only in technology development but acquisition as well.

Government agencies do quite a bit of work that may not necessarily align well with the overall agency mission

Skyles recounts an incident, “Once, a large client was facing challenges due to its inability to determine how to best utilize their resources across all agency divisions.” As is standard practice in government, teams tend to work in silos, leaving other departments unaware of what’s being done, how it’s being done, and completion timeline. ProSource360 worked with the agency in developing a visual management system that allows project stakeholders to see the functional architecture of each division. With this graphical insight, agencies can easily determine what is being contributed by individual departments and promote the end benefit of a successful, on-time and on-budget project delivery. ProSource360 is also working with Division of Acquisition at the U.S. Health and Human Services, offering custom solutions that align with the Division of Acquisition’s objectives, practices and mission. Based on SharePoint, ProSource360's solutions are helping DA with improved productivity, decision making, project execution and more with reduced training costs.

Since the inception of ProSource360, Skyles has imbibed his entrepreneurial spirit into each facet of the business. He explains, “One of my hobbies is tennis–I played tennis in high school and college, and still play today. The game is about knowing where the ball is going, not where it is currently, and technology forces us to do the same.” Skyles attributes the success of his company to his ability to get one step ahead of where information services are headed and its unique culture.

Looking ahead, ProSource360 plans to continue listening to the clients’ needs, creating sound process-oriented plans to fill gaps, and delivering on each promise made throughout the process.

ProSource360 Consulting Services Inc.

Washington, DC

Ben Skyles, CEO

Provides Information Technology (IT) Support Services, Management Consulting, and Healthcare focused services to government agencies

ProSource360 Consulting Services Inc.